Kastel Story


In 2011, a couple of Scandinavian sneaker enthusiasts got tired of wearing sneakers designed for warmer climates in the harsh climate they found themselves in. Up to that point, their only options were sneakers in canvas/suede or… unsightly rugged mountain boots. One lacked protection from the cold, wet climate and the other lacked style. They decided to launch Kastel,

 and in doing so, expand upon its range of products to include boots. All this was done with an emphasis on a Nordic sense of aesthetic and function. The result was Kastel, life ready footwear, wearable in any climate and ready for almost anything.


While a sense of style is woven into everyday Nordic life, for Andreas Malo Dyb, who studied design in Milan Italy, functionality had always remained as the holy grail. Andreas spent years designing and developing technical footwear for leading Norwegian outdoor brands, and with him he brought that knowledge onto Kastel’s urban silhouettes.


 Today, Kastel has developed a split-range of sneakers. A selection with the technology needed to keep your feet dry and warm in the harshest winters and another range with proper ventilation and natural breathable materials to relieve your feet on the hottest of summer days. Although these shoes are highly functional, Kastel stays true to the principles of clean, no-nonsense Scandinavian design and continues to search for more sustainable ways to keep your feet protected from both climate and bad taste. Our mission, “design with intent”... and no more wet socks!