Røros Winter WR Marble Black

999,00 kr 1.499,00 kr

Our newest winter model provides easy slip in/slip off function lined with real wool. No laces, no fuss. Røros also has our water resistant membrane construction so you stay warm and dry in freezing temperatures 

Too good to go 

Sometimes things are just too good to go. Like shoes that have been on a short journey but returned for different reasons. These shoes could need a fresh start, and we think it’s fair that someone else would bring them home. These pairs will be discounted with specific information added. It’s a win-win, and we kinda like the sustainable way of it. 



  • Shoes tried once, no visible dirt or damage
  • Shoes tried once, some visible dirt on the outer sole
  • Shoes missing packaging or damaged packaging
  • Wrong size
  • Wrong color 

Size 39: shoes tried on once, some dirt visible on the outersole

Size 42:  missing packaging

Size 44: shoes tried on once