Return Policy

Returns and Refunds


We hope that you are happy with your purchase, but we are of course here to assist you, should you wish to return something. In that case, please read the following returns- and refunds policy, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at !


As we only provide domestic sales - in Norway, returns and refunds does only apply for costumers in Norway as well.



If you choose to change the item in size or colour, we can do this easily. Changing of the size or colour is done at the same price as the original order so that there is no new payment document, provided that the price is the same. We cannot exchange for stakes so if you want a more expensive item, we ask Fill out the return form found on our website (here ....) and let us know which size you would like to switch to

  1. Send the return form + package slip together with the return shipment.
  2. Use the return note enclosed with the original shipment.
  3. The item you return must be in unused condition and in original packaging (shoebox).
  4. Returns are delivered to the nearest post office.
  5. Exchange of goods is free.

We pay the return shipping for you, but this requires that you use the enclosed return slip which is in the box with the item.

We do not cover return shipping on items on sale.

Please feel free to contact customer service at if you have any question with regards to returning items on sale.



  1. Fill in the return form and indicate the cause. The right of withdrawal is in the consignment from us.
  2. Add the return form + package slip with what you want to return. Feel free to use the same outer packaging you received from us or another tight packaging if you wish.
  3. Stick the return label on the box.
  4. Deliver the parcel to the nearest post office. Once we have processed the return, we will refund money to the payment method chosen at the time of booking.


We will not cover shipment if the item is returned in a different way.



In order to get the full amount refunded on return / cancellation right, the item must be returned in the same condition as when you received it. That is, in unused condition and in original packaging without odours and marks.

If the original packaging is damaged, the item will be considered used. Therefore, please note that if you tape and destroy a shoebox in the return shipment, the item cannot be resold and will be defined as «used items». If the item is defined as used, we consider the value reduction of the item and repay the items used value. An item without original packaging, labels or with odour / marks will be considered used and the full amount will not be refundable.

  • Shipment delivery problem

If we, against presumption, should have sent you the wrong item, we ask that you please contact us so that we can arrange to send you the correct item as soon as possible. The misdirected item is easily sent in return by you, and you must mark the return with «Shipment error».

  • Complaints

If you have been so unlucky that something wrong has happened to the item you bought from us, please contact us by mail ( with a supplementary error message about the case, preferably with pictures if it is natural. Sometimes we do not need the item in return, so it is best if you await the submission of the defective item until you are you are notified.



If you wish to regret your purchase, you always have 14 calendar days from the last item of your order was received. It is the right or withdrawal, also referred to as the cancellation act, that regulates duties og rights between the consumer and enterprise.

See for the cancellation act in full.

The right of withdrawal gives you as a private person the right, at no extra cost, to check the product before it is returned within the right of withdrawal. If the product is only tested or checked in the same way as you can in a general store, the customer must have the entire purchase price and shipping refunded. If the product is used (during the right of withdrawal) and this has led to a reduction in the value of the goods, the enterprise will make a deduction in the purchase price corresponding to the objectively reduced value, before the rest of the purchase price and shipping to the customer are repaid. Documentation of irresponsible and unnecessary examination of the product resulting in value reduction will be sent to the consumer by email.

You must not remove labels and the item must be returned in unused condition in original packaging with the return form. We will not cover return shipping on items that are returned in a different way.



If you are unsure if there is anything wrong with the product, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to help you get a good experience with the product you bought!



Prime Cargo,

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Use the return note that always comes with our shipments.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us by phone (Stine: +47 976 44 902) or e-mail (