Meet the team! Kastel's founder Andreas Malo Dyb

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I first met Andreas about 5 years ago when we weren't yet working together at Kastel. His passion for improving the footwear industry left a lasting impression on me. Andreas strongly believed that Kastel had a responsibility to create sustainable and practical shoes for everyday use. 

What struck me the most was his view that sustainability isn't something we can simply claim, but it requires continuous effort in everything we do, from product development to our business models. He's determined to explore new ideas, ask questions, and minimize waste in order to make each shoe we release more sustainable than the last.

Excited to hear about his latest project, I asked Andreas to share the details. He eagerly told us about our upcoming release of sneakers made from Norwegian wool, which can be customized with colors of your choice! 

It's a project that has him excited with anticipation.

Kastel Shoes color on demand

"Kastel 2.0 is where we operate with more on-demand and local production as well as natural materials."

Andreas Malo Dyb

Hi guys! My name is Andreas and I am one of the founders of Kastel shoes and currently work as Creative Director 👋

As a founder, I obviously have a hard time not being involved in everything, but I am working on it! Currently, my focus is mainly on how we can gradually shift from Kastel 1.0 to Kastel 2.0 which is the more sustainable and innovative version of Kastel. Kastel 2.0 is where we operate with more on-demand and local production as well as natural materials. 

An example of this is our new "Color On Demand" production we will launch later this year where we have white Norwegian wool shoes that we can custom color for you on demand!

Preparing the color to color the sneakers
  1. First, we carefully prepare and test the desired color shade on a small piece of wool.​​
wool sneakers about to be dyed
  1. Next, we get the woo​​l sneakers ready to be dipped into the vibrant color.
wool sneaker inside the color mix
  1. It's color bath time! We immerse the wool sneakers in the dye, ensuring full saturation.​​
color on demand shoes final result!
​​ The end result? Each pair becomes a unique masterpiece, showcasing slight variations from shoe to shoe.

📢 Mark your calendars! The Norwegian wool Lofoten sneakers, offering color-on-demand customization, will be launching this August.

🫶 Andreas favorite kastel's 🫶

Right now, he's really loving his new Voss sneakers. He likes how easy they are to slip on and how simply they go with both his work clothes and his adventure gear.

I hope you felt as inspired as I did when writing this post for you, for us shoes are more than just shoes.  They are the tool for how we as individuals working together try to make a positive impact in the world! 

Have a beautiful day 🌟

Luisa Arango

Head of Marketing and E-commerce