Keeping your soles clean is as easy as brushing your teeth.

You don’t need a lot of fancy stuff, just a brush and a dab of toothpaste. Brush and rinse the white part of your shoes, and you’re good to go. Scrub your soles and spread the news. Someone you see with some dirty shoes will thank you.

More than your soles that need a cleaning? Check out our video on how to clean white shoes. 

Do your shoes come apart at the laces? Worry not, we have a quick way to get those laces tied up right.

Check out how the bow lines up on the shoe by giving the knot a tug on both sides. A vertical bow is a sign the laces were tied wrong. Make things right by tying the first knot the opposite of what you normally do. Then finish the job as you would normally do until the bow is lying flat across the shoe.

Make someone’s day by sharing this video on the art of tying your shoes correct way. 

The way to keeping suede shoes clean is this simple method: dry first, water last.

Start with a regular brush. Take the dirt off the top with short brush strokes. If the stain goes deeper, wet a towel in some warm soapy water. Massage out the stains and leave things to dry. Once the shoes are dry, spray your shoes well with water resistant spray.

For deep, stubborn stains, repeat the process using a steel brush first. 


Wet feet are a thing of the past with Kastel’s membrane booty. Tucked inside the shoe, this fun design keeps your feet comfortable and dry.

Remember a dirty shoe loves water. Add another layer of protection by keeping by your shoes clean and covered in water resistant spray.

Are your shoes made of suede? Check out our Clean Suede Shoes video to find extra tips for water resistant care.

Inspired by summer relaxation, these sneakers were made with an elastic heel you can step on all year.

Sizing the he flexible heel shoe means trying on the shoe a little different than what you might be used to.

Instead of checking the space where your toes go, look for a good heel fit. A heel that hangs out or dips back in means things are a bit big or too small. Go for a good grip on the back end of your foot and tighten the laces from the front of the shoe towards the ankle. Secure with a knot like you normally do. Now you’re good to go either way you wear the heel. 

View Kastel’s Tying Shoelaces Correctly video to spend less time tying your shoes, and more time on-the-go or in lounge-mode.